About B.R.P.A.

We are a non-profit, tax-exempt organization formed in 1994 by area property owners and concerned individuals who were interested in maintaining traditional rural land uses while preserving the unique natural characteristics of the Baraboo Range. Today, our members are of diverse backgrounds, in many locations, all sharing the recognition of the range as a vital, unique place.

Our Mission:  The Baraboo Range Preservation Association is a land trust working to preserve and protect the qualities and culture of the Baraboo Range through promotion of ecologically responsible land use.

We achieve our mission through:

Prentice in Winter
Prentice Creek at North Caledonia Bluff - Protected since 2007
  • Collaboration with groups having similar goals,
  • Community education, and
  • Land protection projects.

BRPA works with other groups with similar interests in the Baraboo Range, such as The Nature Conservancy and The Aldo Leopold Foundation.  We also maintain affiliation with Gathering Waters, an alliance of Wisconsin's land trusts, the  Land Trust Alliance, a national association of land trusts and allied organizations, and adjoining Wisconsin land trusts.

We promote environmental values through community educational opportunities such as the Cabin Fever Lecture Series held each year in late winter. We also distribute detailed information about the special qualities of the Baraboo Range to local property owners, schools, civic leaders, and broader community.  BRPA also provides information regarding impending natural and man-made threats to the environment.

Our land trust activities center on the acquisition of conservation easements, agreements between the land trust and property owners protecting environmentally strategic areas in the Baraboo Range. As of April 2014 we have completed land protection agreements with 33 landowners of nearly 3,600 acres of important forests, farms, streams, wetlands, bluffs and natural areas.

Baraboo Range Preservation Association, P. O. Box 205, Baraboo, WI 53913

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